What will it take to get a job in this new information economy?

Innovation is the driving force behind today’s economy, and the need for innovation creates a whole new environment for the workplace. Whether you’re looking for work in this shifting economy or you want to be able to equip your children with the skills they need to succeed, your adaptability matters! Understanding the value of a company is vital to finding the way to fulfill a need there.

How fast is the world changing, and how can you find a job in it? In these excerpts from Thomas L. Friedman’s conference on the innovation economy, leading minds from Google, M.I.T. and LinkedIn talk about education, resume building, interviewing and marketing to meet the realities of today. And the years to come.

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Read the rest of this article which was curated from Thomas L. Friedman’s Next New World: Dispatches From the Front Lines – YouTube

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