Use Consumer Psychology to Create Content

The latest trend in marketing strategies has little to do with data. It has everything to do with how we as human beings see, feel, and think in response to media stimulation. A consumer’s biological responses impact their action and your sales, so creating content using consumer psychology helps your cause to cause a reaction. Make your mark whether your audience realizes it or not with this incredibly useful knowledge about what makes customers tick.

As consumers, we exert free will and believe in our ability to make informed decisions. As content marketers, we appreciate how advertising strategies and social marketing influence consumers’ purchasing behaviors and decisions. But how do we develop the

Enter the world of consumer psychology, which studies thought processes, emotional reactions, reasoning, and selection between various competing alternatives (e.g., brands, products, retailers), according to

. Competitive companies use consumer psychology to understand the conscious and unconscious factors influencing consumer-purchasing behaviors. They harness that power to successfully develop and adapt their content marketing strategies and campaigns.

when they hear energetic music and walk slower when a store uses small floor tiles. Advertisements during movie previews are less effective when people munch on popcorn. As for the cherry on top? Consumer psychology research reveals that a strawberry placed on top of a cake leads people to believe it has fewer calories than it does.

Review this eBay screenshot to see all the visual prompts to guide consumer purchasing. Words such as “free” and “limited quantity” are used to entice bidders.


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