Surprising Story Behind The Tutu Project

If you’re not familiar with the movement surrounding The Tutu Project, you’ll be surprised by how it unfolds. One man. One Tutu. Smiles across the world. When Bob Carey first donned the his precious tutu, it was meant to be comic relief for his wife during her chemotherapy treatment. When she shared it around to the other women she knew, it turned into a widespread message of “dealing with breast cancer through inspiration, courage and love”.

Bob Carey is one amazing photographer, but he’s an even more amazing man — and husband. When his beloved wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob decided the best way to help keep her spirits up during chemo was to get a bit… silly. And boy, did he pull it off, and then some!!

, and stored them on his wife’s phone for her to look at during her treatment. She was surprised, delighted and full of joy — and she shared the pictures with other women receiving chemotherapy. Then,

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