Small Business Charity Made Simple

We all know you have to give back, but when you’re a small business, it’s hard to decide which charity needs you most and even harder to balance your needs along the way. Here is the ultimate list of ways to support a non-profit. Bottom-line? Find something you love that’s related to what you do. Growing your business can help grow theirs, too!

Selfish Giving shows do-gooders, nonprofits and businesses how to build win-win partnerships that achieve their cause-related goals. Your success is my cause!

published an article on how small companies should give to charities. The article included some good, basic information. But small businesses will need more than the basics if they hope to help nonprofits.

Besides having meaning to an owner and employees, the cause should be related to the business. Customers would likely appreciate a pet-supply distributor’s supporting an animal shelter, for instance, but might be perplexed if it donated to the opera.

A pet supply chain supporting an opera would be hilarious and disruptive. You could do a howling dog contest to raise money for the opera. A contest would give you endless content for your Facebook page and engage pet owners, which is exactly what a small business owner wants.

because of their weakened state.) But for everyone else the challenge was fun, engaging and different. Instead of picking something that blends in, businesses should choose a cause and fundraiser that stands out.


Read the rest of this article which was curated from Hey WSJ – Here’s a Better Way for Small Companies to Give to Charity — Selfish Giving

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