Never Lose Your Keys Again

Why is it so easy to lose your keys and so hard to find them?

We’ve all done it. You are headed out the door and dig in your purse, then panic. They are gone.

According to US News and World Report, the average American spends a year of their life looking for lost items!

Now a new tool will help you find your keys, and anything else you don’t want to lose, by using your phone. Tile is a small square fob that can attach to your key chain or any other precious item. If you need to locate the item, you simply use any phone to help you find it.

How it Works

Tile sends a signal using Bluetooth that can be detected by a device within 100 foot radius. You just open the tile app and you’ll be able to locate up to 8 Tiles.

Let’s say your dog runs off with your keys. You just open the app and walk around the house watching the screen and listening to a little song get stronger. If you are in range of the Tile on your keys, the circle on the app is green. If you are out of range, it is gray. It’s like that old game “Hot or Cold”, but using your phone!

Tiles cost $15-25 a piece, depending on how many you order at a time. T

Will you be getting a Tile? Let us know how you like it!

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