How to Hack Charisma

There are people who have naturally, and now there are people who can hack charisma. Vanessa Van Owen will tell you how in this excellent School of Greatness podcast hosted by Lewis Howe.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • What people are seeing in you in the first 7 minutes you meet
  • How to instantly transmit that you are a powerful, credible, approachable and compassionate person
  • How to build trust with your hands
  • How to tell if someone is open to a handshake or a hug
  • How to be the most memorable person at an event
  • How to build rapport and engagement with questions
  • How to use your body physiology to exude power
  • How checking your mobile phone can instantly deflate your presence

Did you enjoy this segment? How will you hack charisma at your next meeting?

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