Clear Space on Your iPhone or iPad Quickly

Here’s a hot tip that will help you clear space on your  and in about 5-10 minutes.

You can now save your full size, high resolution to your account, and keep smaller images on your device. This helps you clear valuable space, while still giving you decent pictures to share with friends and family on your device. If you need your larger pictures, just head to iCloud to get them back!

This is so easy!

  1. Update your Operating System version to 8.1 (Settings > General > Software Update > Install – you must be plugged in or over 50% battery to do this step)
  2. Your phone will turn off and turn back on
  3. Then go to your iCloud settings (Settings > Scroll down to iCloud > Photos > On > iCloud Photo Library (Beta) > On)

Within a few minutes, you’ll have a ton of storage cleared up if you are a photo enthusiast like me, and your device will be much zippier.

Let us know how this tip worked for you!

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