Bridging the Generation Gap with Technology Tutoring

“Could you explain a bit about this ‘Face-something’ and having to be a ‘friend,’” one senior citizen asks at the start of Cyber-Seniors, a new documentary now available on VOD that chronicles how seniors learn to use the Internet. She’s referring, of course, to Facebook, the ubiquitous social network.

A humorous and heartwarming documentary feature, “Cyber-Seniors” chronicles the extraordinary journey of a group of senior citizens as they discover the world of the internet through the guidance of teenage mentors.

When my own kids used to misbehave on the Internet — be it foul language, plagiarism or porn — I would take their privileges away chiding, “Remember you weren’t born with a silver URL in your mouth.”

Kerstin Wolgers made it through almost 82 years on this Earth without ever once checking an e-mail, watching a YouTube clip or sending a tweet. But last week, as part of a crash course that introduced her to the Internet for the first time, the former Swedish actress did all three — plus Googled, Instagrammed, Wikipedia-ed, shopped, video-gamed … even online-dated, eventually. “Lots going on here,” she says of Tinder. “It’s really exciting, if you asked me.”

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