44 Smartphone Apps for Productivity

You’re busy and always on the go. You want everything in the palm of your hand right when you need it! There are constant developments in apps to make all of those things we do even easier, no matter which gadget you’re using. From the board room to the boardwalk, these nifty apps will help you help you stay synched and ready at a moment’s notice. One of our favorites? IFTT (short for “If This Then That”) lets you automate your social life to keep things churning while you live your real life!

, smartphones have come to serve for many as dangerous agents of distraction. But when optimally harnessed, they can serve as powerful productivity tools.

From the cubicle to the meeting room and beyond, here’s how employers can harness the power of color to increase employee output and spark creativity.

The Internet, social media and mobile devices drive productivity. They are also huge distractions. The solution requires a deft touch, not a hard line.


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